7 Step Process For Consistently Turning Leads Into Buyers

Convincing prospects to buy your products is a harder task than many entrepreneurs expect. You can spend a lot of time and money developing an exceptional product, but people need to be persuaded to buy. Most industries will also have a lot of competition, with other brands making big promises about their offer.

To really make a mark, it is important to develop a system that consistently turns a high percentage of new leads into satisfied customers. When you can set up a funnel that produces a high conversion rate, you can feel confident investing more into gaining new leads. The following steps let you move prospects from the first initial contact towards a sale.

Promote A Lead Magnet 

The first stage is to convince people to join your email list. In order to gain a subscription, it is important to offer a quality lead magnet. The lead magnet should be a relevant and targeted gift in exchange for their email address. In many cases, a report or video will be the best option, with general newsletters not gaining the same conversion rate. Promote your lead magnet as though it were a premium product, highlighting the benefits of subscribing.

Send An Introduction 

After people subscribe to the list, send them a welcome email. The email can provide a link to the lead magnet information, but should also introduce your brand. The introduction email is a good place to concisely explain your brand and overall values so that subscribers can develop a deeper connection to our business. The first email can also get people used to opening your messages and consuming the content.


More Content 

The next email you send can offer more useful content, showing subscribers you are knowledgeable and can offer useful advice or opinions. Many email lists focus on gaining a quick sale, so people stop opening their messages. By providing something beneficial, though, subscribers will be more inclined to open messages and click the links. The initial patience can pay off later on when you have built a more substantial relationship.

Broaden Communication Points 

You will ideally be able to engage subscribers across multiple locations, with the ability to use different styles of content. If your leads are signed up to an email list, recommend they join you on your social media channels. Also, you can remind them to continue visiting your blogs for updates. Placing links to your social channels and blog is a good first step, but you should also promote the benefits of visiting these other platforms. A private Facebook group, for example, can have value and entice subscribers to join.

Introduce Your Offer 

After developing a relationship with your leads, you can start to introduce your offer. You may have already secured some sales through your blog or another channel, but email segmentation can be used to separate your prospects and buyers into different lists. For those who have not purchased yet, assume they are unfamiliar with the product and don’t yet know the benefits. You can build on your earlier educational content to position your product as the natural answer to any problems or goals the prospects have.

Promote Your Product In Multiple Ways 

You may get some initial sales from the first promotional email, but it can often take longer. Multiple emails let you promote different aspects of the product while touching on different reasons for buying. There may be a pragmatic reason for investing in the product, with detailed insight showing the benefits of investing. There may also be an emotional reason for buying, with storytelling helping to get in touch with these feelings.

Continue To Build The Relationship 

It is important to continue building the relationship after a product has been purchased. You can promote additional products, potentially gaining long-term customers. There is also an increased chance of gaining a positive review and getting your brand mentioned on their social media. Paying customers are your most valuable asset, so it is important to maintain the relationship in the future.

Gaining a new sale is harder than many business owners think. Consumers are targeted by all types of offers, with the promises often exceeding the outcome. People naturally have their guard up and need to be persuaded thoroughly to invest in a new brand. By taking the time to build a relationship and not rushing a sale, you stand a far better chance of gaining the trust of your leads. You will never be able to convince everyone to buy your products, but using this system should ensure you reach a conversion rate you can be comfortable with.

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