Engage users fast. Convert faster. All automatically. Our goal is to make the process of selling a customer shorter and automated.

How It Works

Step 1: Install Bot

Install the feedback bot on your website in seconds. It’s super easy!

Step 2: Add Existing Feedback

Gather all of your reviews and feedback, tag them by source (Facebook, Direct, Google), and even link to them as proof for higher conversions.

Step 3: Let Users Engage

No existing reviews? Let the bot do the work! Users can leave feedback directly on your bot and they can interact with each other, making them feel as they are part of the family.

Step 4: Customize Bot

Decide where bot(s) get displayed, if the bot should include your rating, if users can leave feedback directly on your bot, in which order is feedback displayed and much more.

Get Started
95% of buyers rely on reviews and feedback before they make a purchase. Why not show them everything and engage them the moment they visit your site? It just makes sense.

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