7 Practical Ways To Sharpen Your Digital Marketing Toolkit

Digital marketing skills are incredibly valuable to modern businesses. Whether you are operating as an entrepreneur or for an organization, understanding how to promote a business online can provide tangible results. The online world moves quickly, though, so knowledge from a few years ago won’t necessarily still be relevant. It is important to upgrade your marketing expertise so that you can be useful for your own or other companies. So what areas should you focus on to become a skilled digital marketer?


SEO continues to change, so your knowledge can become outdated. Elements like keywords, backlinks, and content require different approaches from a few years ago. Things will continue to evolve, to provide a better user experience to searchers. Many of the fundamental principles of SEO, though, are roughly the same, requiring experts to test and tweak factors to stay on top. Monitoring new changes and testing across a range of domains will ensure you are ahead of most people trying to rank sites. 

Pay-Per-Click Advertising 

Pay-per-click (PPC) is another area where the fundamental elements stay the same, but platforms and their terms can change. Facebook is a leading platform for PPC advertising, but they have had to implement more strict rules in recent times. Analyzing updates will ensure you don’t lose any accounts due to stringent rules, and your ads can continue to thrive. Google and Bing are still effective ad platforms, while other options like Reddit, Quora, and Pinterest can offer great results for the right industries.

Social Media Marketing 

Modern social media marketing involves syndicating content across a network of sites. You might create a video, for example, posting it on your Facebook page. It can then be posted to Instagram, Twitter, and any other platform you want to utilize. Repurposing content is an effective strategy, but it is important to adjust this content to suit the style of the site. Engagement levels can often drop off as your follower count starts to grow, encouraging the use of social ads. If you can make the cost add up, social advertising using sponsored posts and influencers can be useful.

Content Marketing 

There has been a gradual shift away from clickbait and towards more authentic content marketing strategies. Consumers are inundated with content, so it can help to narrow the focus and target specific groups. Micro-influencers can help reach less accessible audiences, while more homemade approaches like live video engage the people who don’t respond to highly produced content. Ideally, a content marketing strategy will be built around storytelling, so it is worth getting used to uncovering the unique and engaging elements of each brand.

Conversion Optimization 

The ability to increase conversions is valuable for a business. The process can mean the same money is being invested on traffic, but considerably more is being earned in sales. Conversion optimization can focus on the bigger picture, looking at the broad concept of the marketing pitch. The process can also, though, test factors like checkout button text and color schemes. You will need to learn from consumers, using research, social listening, surveys, and other techniques. Next, you can use A/B testing to see what actually works in practice.


Analytics are vital for a business but don’t always get the attention they deserve. For this reason, an analytics expert can often make big changes to both short-term and long-term results. Analytics involves setting and understanding the goals of a business, monitoring information, adapting to the results, and assessing what has been achieved. This data analysis can help businesses understand whether they are on the right track, both on a broad and precise level.


SalesHangry was created with the customer/user in mind and how to keep them engaged on your site longer at the same time shortening the sales cycle. Our bot brings a conversation to your site about your businesses service or products and lets the potential customers ask questions or have past customers leave feedback. This is the first feedback bot of its kind. If you implement all of the strategies listed above with a final touch of adding the SalesHangry bot to your site you will have a powerhouse of marketing tools to use at your disposal!

Digital marketing is an area that many people struggle with. Some older businesses have not gotten a grip with the changing world and try to use outdated methods that worked for their offline operations. Other businesses see the potential, but do not have the time to invest, preferring to outsource digital marketing. When you can improve your knowledge and expertise, you can become very valuable to many organizations. Even if you prefer to focus on your own business, understanding digital marketing will allow you to stay ahead of the pack.

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