What Type Of YouTube Videos Should Brands Be Creating?

As the second most popular global website, YouTube has an enormous number of daily users. Videos can be found across all types of niches, with users displaying a diverse set of interests. This traffic can be important for brands looking to build an audience, particularly due to the high engagement levels it is possible to get. One common issue, though, is that brands don’t know what type of content they can develop that will suit their business. The following examples of videos have a proven record of popularity, so they are worth considering for your business.

Event Videos 


Tutorials offer clear value to viewers who go away having learned something new. When you promote physical products or services, it is incredibly useful to educate audiences. Information marketers might be more reluctant to give away all their content, but other brands can benefit from helping people understand why their products work. An effective tutorial will ideally lead viewers toward your products, showing them in a new and improved light.


Interviews are similar to tutorials in that they can help educate viewers. Additionally, they can show personality, adding a face to a brand. If a business owner is the public face of the brand, an interview can be crafted to show personality and also give the marketing messages you want to convey. Interviews can, though, feature other industry experts or personalities, possibly discussing your brand or providing endorsements.


Live Stream 

YouTube lets you live stream videos, creating an interactive experience. You could host streams from your office, a studio, or live event, speaking to people in the industry and answering questions. The approach you take, though, may depend on your industry. You might be providing detailed information, using a formal lesson structure. Alternatively, you could make a lighthearted presentation that entertains viewers.


While complex animations are time-consuming and expensive, simple versions are affordable and engaging for viewers. There are products that provide many constituent parts for an animation, allowing you to create content quickly. Also, you could use an animated whiteboard presentation to explain your product or business.


YouTube is such a popular site that brands need to be actively cultivating an audience. Some businesses, though, are unsure of what videos to create, so they let this traffic go untapped. While you might not initially see an obvious approach for your brand, you can focus on what has been proven to work. When you start to create videos using these styles of content, audiences will be attracted to you. You can then use the feedback and data you gain to craft your next videos, knowing that audiences will be receptive to your output.

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